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Sensory Sensitive Programming in Santa Clarita

At Olive Branch Theatricals we believe that the magic of theater needs to be enjoyed by everyone.

Our Sensory Sensitive Program works to solidify that idea by reaching out to to families who require special accommodation. At our Sensory Sensitive performances, we provide a safe welcoming experience for families who normally would not feel supported in attending a theatrical production.

Some of the things you can expect: 

  • Therapy dogs can be found in the lobby before and after performances.
  • House lights are left up at a dim level so patrons can feel safe to get up and step out of the performance space if needed.
  • Our sound is turned down to a quieter level.
  • The cast will walk out and introduce themselves before the show begins.
  • Each attendee gets a pamphlet about what to expect at the theater to help prepare them before the production begins.

We are so thrilled to be moving Santa Clarita toward a more inclusive future in the theatrical arts and our sensory sensitive program is growing all the time! If you have suggestions on how make our Sensory Sensitive programing even better, please email [email protected] – we love feedback!

Michele Jace

Director of Sensory Inclusion

Michelle Jace holds a B.A. in Musical Theatre from California State University, Chico and an Education Specialist credential from California State University, Northridge. Michelle currently teaches Early Childhood Special Education for a public school district. She is a proud member of SAG-AFTRA, NAEYC, and CTA. Outside of her professional work, Michelle and her Labrador Retriever are a volunteer team with the Alliance of Therapy Dogs.